Join our small business community SBC of Chicago!

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

EXALT Hire has a learning community on LinkedIn. The community has just under 500 members from various industries who share information on small business start up, management, growth and so much more. You will find fellow small business owners and experts in various fields. You can follow the about us link below to join in the conversation.

About SBC of Chicago

The Small Business Consortium of Chicago is an association of small business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants and independent contractors interested in fueling the growth of small businesses through the open exchange of sharing ideas, knowledge and expertise. We believe in the power of pulling resources together to support and drive change. When faced with navigating through complex challenges or identifying best practices for business solutions our members enable each other to grow through collaboration. Hence rather than trying to go at it alone our consortium provides support to established and startup business through paving the way for B2B strategic partnerships, business showcases, lead generation and client development. Finally, through the integration of social media (webinars, webcast, social networks), brick and mortar networking events, and seminars our members will have the opportunity to empower one other.

For more information on our learning community email