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Career Value Statement


At Exalt Hire, we believe that one’s career is a reflection of individual purpose.  In other words, what you do is part of who you are. We believe work should be fulfilling and a place where you express the best of yourself. Love what you do!


A career is more than punching into a clock and performing a job; it is a means of providing a living, supporting a family, and achieving a dream.   An excellent career should bring out the best in who we are, not drive burnout and unhappiness. 


Our objective at Exalt Hire is to help fulfill our client's career aspirations and support businesses' growth by connecting great people to amazing opportunities.


Valued Partnership


We believe in open dialogue, networking, and referrals. Our doors are always open. We position ourselves as a strategic workforce partner and confidant in helping candidates and organizations connect in a meaningful and sustaining manner.  We pride ourselves on building great workforces with productive associates by providing tools to both job seekers and employers to find the right fit.

Job coaching services 

Free Service 30-minutes or 1-hour consultation

  • Book a free 30 minute to 1 hour appointment

  • Introductory online call

  • Make a connection to determine fit

  • Resume review and recommendation

  • Assessment to customize your specific needs



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Book an appointment with one of our coaches 

We are living in unprecedented times, especially due to COVID-19. We are here to support and work with you. We provide 30-minute or 1-hour free introductory consultation calls as we feel you have a right to get to know us and we would love to get to know you. 

Review our services on our booking page.  If you see a service that you would love to mix-n-match, we do offer customizable packages to better suit your needs, as well as payment plans and discounts. For more information, please sign up and our coach will be in touch with you.

Your Career Reimagined

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Where are you in your career search?  Are you happily employed but looking to advance? Unemployed or underemployed?  Have you been recently laid off or not sure what you want to do with the rest of your life?


We are committed to our clients success that's why we offer a free half hour to 1 hour consultation to get to know you and your aspirations.  We will meet you where you are at to build a plan to move forward in your career.   

Connect with us! Create a free account.

Stay up to date with our services and career tips and advice via our blog by creating a free online account. Be the first to learn about our coupons and discounts on services.  Additionally, we will add you to our career newsletter to support you on your journey.  

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