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 Workforce Solutions


Building an engaged workforce that aligns with business strategy and growth is the goal of talent acquisition. Savvy businesses understand the importance of investing in their people strategy. A good people strategy is good business strategy and has the propensity of taking a company from good to great. 


Businesses who master their people strategy understand the importance of just in time workforce hiring which aligns the right people at the right time for business success.  Talent Acquisition leverages many components such as technology, branding, sourcing, social media, recruitment strategy, workforce planning, pipeline management, data analytics and so much more.    


Our consultants at Exalthire are well-versed leaders in TA with a combined 35 years of leading departments and teams in Fortune 500 companies.  We help organizations go from very basic functions to robust hiring apparatus. Contact us today to learn more.

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We were desperate to hire several staff.  We struggled for months to find the right person.  As a result, we could not grow our business.   Exalthire came at the right time and helped us fill our staffing needs.  They not only met but exceeded our expectations!

Small Business Owner, Chicago, IL.

We were at the brink of losing operating days.  We struggled to hire staff for an entire year.  Within 3 months Exalthire created a recruitment strategy and successfully filled our positions. This not only allowed us to keep our doors open but grow our business and open a new locations. 

Small Buisiness, Detroit Michigan 

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