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"Building a great team to drive business success does not happen by chance or accident; it takes calculated thought and strategic planning."

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EXALT Hire is an independent HR consulting firm founded in 2009. We are HR business partners primarily focused upon workforce solutions.  Our goal is to help your organization recruit, develop and engage the critical talent you need to achieve business success. 

Our Beliefs 
We believe that building a strong company starts with attracting employees who are aligned with your mission and vision. 

We b

elieve that the root of a strong organization begins with its people. Organizations that seek to achieve their strategic business goals, integrate a people strategy that incorporates:

-Workforce planning 

-Strategic hiring

-People development

-Rewards & recognition 

-Retention & engagement

We believe that a comprehensive HR Strategy empowers an organization to hire the right people with the right skills at the right time. 

   The Challenge When challenged with building a strong team, organizations follow the same old poor hiring cycle in which they plaster a job description online in hopes of attracting top talent. Unfortunately, they may spend months waiting on the right person to apply. Unfilled positions impact an organization in many ways such as:

-Poor service
-Unsatisfied customers
-Employee frustration
-Lost revenue
-Lost productivity
-Higher turnover

The People Solution Creating a cohesive team of highly functioning employees requires a strategic hiring approach which factors in workforce planning; identifying and building a targeted internal and external candidate pool; creating and implementing customized sourcing, recruiting and retention plans; utilizing assessments that identify core competencies; conducting background/reference checks, facilitating a smooth new hire orientation process, as well as integrating continual learning and development opportunities to retain employees.



Your pressing talent acquisition needs... our business solutions... 

Hiring a great team goes beyond post and pray, casting a wide net or creating an exhaustive list of requirements. Strategic workforce solutions integrates a comprehensive approach to building, engaging and retaining top people. It enables an organization to plan for future hiring needs; develop their internal talent and prepare for business growth or unforeseen business cycle.

Our client solutions help you sift through the maze of identifying, attracting and hiring valuable team players to support and drive your organization to the next level. This gives you an advantage to achieve your strategic goals, objectives and mission. 


We can help your company advance its people strategy from simply being a participant in the game to being a game changer with home field advantage by attracting, hiring,  developing and retaining a strong workforce.  Forwarding thinking organizations understand that talent is and always has been the key to success.  It is the driving force that leverages an organization from being a good company to being a great one.